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Web Site Creation

Having a simple web site or "online brochure" for your company is no longer satisfactory. Successful web sites must be professional, aesthetically pleasing, full of useful functionality, and dynamic. IWS employs some of the best designers programmers available to create spectacular web sites that appeal to a wide range of audiences. Our staff has been creating web sites since 1994, and is very proficient in combining effective graphic design with enabling technology to create powerful web sites.

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It doesn't matter how functional a web site is if it does not look professional and aesthetically pleasing. One of the most common mistakes made in the web site market is the negligence of aesthetics. Web sites are a representation of you, your company and your image.

It is common practice nowadays for prospective customers to go to web sites as a first “point of contact” with a company. In all likelihood, the first time a prospective customer has any contact with your company is through your web site. This places paramount importance on the quality of your web site’s design.

IWS will work with you to design a web site tailored around your specific needs. If your company has an existing logo, we will weave it into the site’s design. If you are a new company and don’t have a logo, our marketing consultants and graphic designers will work with you to develop one. Click here to find out more about our logo creation services and view samples of our work.

Development (or Programming)

Critical to a web site’s success is its functionality. While your web site may have a beautiful icon of a shopping cart on it, if your e-commerce platform does not work, it is all for naught. IWS’s staff of developers have are certified in a multitude of programming languages and technological platforms.
Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

 Java, Javascript, JScript
 Visual Basic, VBA, VBScript, Visual C/C++
 MS SQL Server, MS Access
 Active Server Pages, Java Server Pages, Cold Fusion
  Full Back End Database Integration

With the widespread availability and increasing use of broadband Internet access, web sites are now required to be more interactive than ever. Users have come to expect fast, reliable and most importantly fully functional web sites. IWS has developed proprietary modules to simply many of the common functions found on web sites today. These modules enable visitors to have the best possible web site experience by making your web site comprehensive and easy to use. In addition, these modules enable the web site owner to administer their own site when necessary.


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